Day One

Bacon Bloody Mary

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I would categorize a booze-infused drink as a food. Besides, this one had a strip of bacon in it.

Bacon makes everything better–but it can’t save a Bloody Mary. I figured I wouldn’t like tomato juice and I was right. Thick and unpalatable. I tried to power through repeated sips, but there was a gagging incident. Luckily, the joint’s fantastic open-faced chicken and gravy sandwich (on a waffle, no less) more than made up for my traumatized taste buds.


2 Comments to “Day One”

  1. I only recently (and by recently I mean two days after Thanksgiving) tried one these. I think the concept is disgusting. I’m very particular about vegetables and how they enter my body – juice form has never appealed to me. Mine was a bit different – bourbon and not vodka – and while it wasn’t nearly as heinous as I had anticipated, it’s not my first choice at the bar.
    My husband, the mighty bourbon drinker and veggies-gobbler, finished my cocktail.

  2. Love it! I actually laughed out loud.

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