Day Two

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I’ve made about a million pans of banana bread, but I’ve never actually tasted it. And not just because the loaves are gobbled up by my family in milliseconds. It’s freshman logic: I hate bananas; banana bread is made from bananas; therefore, I hate banana bread.

But not so fast, Aristotle. On my second day of experimental eating, while I was out and about in Saranac Lake, I picked up a slab of chocolate chip banana bread at Nori’s Village Market. And I didn’t hate it. It tasted a bit like the abhorrent banana, but just a subtle hint. The chocolate chips helped overcome my reservations.


3 Comments to “Day Two”

  1. i love bananas but banana bread is not a fave. usually can stomach one bite.

  2. So it was more about the chocolate chips than about the bananas eh? If it works … 🙂

  3. Banana bread is like hugs in the mouth – but only if it doesn’t have nuts. I don’t like the fluffy and crunchy combo.

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