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November 16, 2011

Day Four

Raw (Unmeltified) Pepper Jack Cheese

I’ve eaten pepper jack in my homemade mac-n-cheese and on enchiladas, but never raw (note: in my lexicon, raw cheese refers to unmelted, not unpasteurized, so no need for the FDA to investigate).

Anyway, the taste of the raw pepper jack was fine, but the texture was gag-o-licious, especially once it creamified in my mouth. A definite loser.

November 16, 2011

Day Three


The easiest route to my goal is through the exotic fruit aisle. Cheating, maybe, but still … vital for weeknight quickies.

Turns out mango is okay. Not overly sweet. So maybe I could stomach mango salsa, which always sounded incredibly gross to me. Will report back.