Day Five

Roasted Red Chili Pepper Hummus

Another quick pick at the grocery store. Again, I’ve served hummus plenty of times, but always turned my nose up at it. Seriously, whipped chickpeas? I think not.

But, as most people already know, hummus is pretty good. The texture was okay if I didn’t glop too much on my pita chip. And the spiciness of this brand was a pleasant distraction. Added to my list of approved foods.


2 Comments to “Day Five”

  1. You can flavor hummus too. I add garlic and, if I have it, more tahini – after a day or two to let the flavors work together this saves even the blandest hummus (aka Tribe or Sabra Hummuses). Others add cilantro, or roasted red peppers, or horseradish, or hot sauce. Hummus agglomerates and incorporates flavors, and it’s very easy to physically do the mixing.

  2. Go for some falafel! It’s basically (but not quite completely) fried hummus bits wrapped in pita and smothered in tzatziki (cucumber yougurt sauce). It may sound weird, but it’s definitely a winner.

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