Day Six

Green Olive

Off-brand jarred olives = grosser than gross. But my brother tells me this shouldn’t rule out all olives. And I did like the saltiness before the other flavors and texture kicked in. Will suspend judgement.


4 Comments to “Day Six”

  1. I don’t like olives myself, but there’s a vast difference between cruddy canned olives and high-quality fresh ones. If you want to try them again, I recommend an authentic Middle Eastern “deli” or the olive bar at Whole Foods. There’s also big differences among the types: green, black, the types of brine.

  2. I still – and forever plan to – pick all olives out of everything. Thumbs down for sure.

  3. yes! the reddish colored Kalamata olives are DELISH! I eat em straight outta the jar but I have to be mindful because they’re kinda high in sodium.

  4. Yes, it does make a difference which brand you get. And what type. Olive bar???

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