Day 19

Brussels Sprouts

Never really thought much about Brussels sprouts. They have such a bad reputation that I guess my mother didn’t even try to serve them. And having escaped them in my youth, I wasn’t about to start up a middle-aged fling with an almost universally reviled vegetable. Besides, my husband assured me that they were an affront to nature.

But in the name of this experiment, I sliced a handful thinly and sauteed them with the remains of my (now not so) raw onion chutney. Simply delicious. And, wonder of wonders, my husband agreed.

Full disclosure: I may or may not have had a run-in with a Brussels sprout at Liquids and Solids, a great Lake Placid restaurant, after a large Manhattan. But I’ve decided any tastings obscured by a liquor-induced haze don’t count. (This includes venison, but I’ll save that story for another time.)

One Comment to “Day 19”

  1. Brussels sprouts are notoriously easy to cook badly. In addition to your version, browned brussels sprouts are great.
    1) Cut the sprouts in half through the long axis.
    2) Optional: steam them till they’re mostly cooked.
    3) Saute or oven bake with generous amount of oil, till browned.

    I may try your version for Xmas Dinner, which desparately needs more colorful veggies.

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