Day 20

Blueberry Scone

I usually pass over bakery goods at the office because they almost always contain some kind of baked fruit–one of my top-ten hated foods. (When I’m really desperate for a mid-morning bite, I’ll eat around the offending tidbits. But that’s both messy and generally unsatisfying.)

The unassuming blueberry was a good place to start if I’m going to branch out in the snack food genre. I’ve always wanted to like blueberries. And I do, to a point. I first tried them in my twenties off a mountain-side bush. My hiking partners giggled when I told them I had never had one. And giggled some more when I so obviously enjoyed them. But store-bought blueberries are only okay (as long as they’re still more tart than sweet). Even though they’re a favorite treat for my kids, I don’t go out of my way to put them in my mouth.

That being said, this scone was delicious. The blueberries were smallish and not overpowering–just a bright pop in an ocean of buttery, crumbly goodness.

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