Day 21


This American classic has always been on my avoid list–a mound of mayonnaise-coated glop carelessly refrigerated at picnics. And I just don’t do mayo, refrigerated or no.

But I tried it as a side at the ADK Cafe in Keene, hoping it would be of the vinegar variety. There was something creamy in it, though, that could have been mayo. If so, it wasn’t overdone. Just tasty, crispy cabbage and carrots. That I can do.

One Comment to “Day 21”

  1. I loved coleslaw as a child, but I utterly reject now. It’s the same thing with iceberg lettuce, never minded it when I was young, but the crunchy texture I find very off-putting now. I think I hate coleslaw because the idea of raw cabbage disgusts me.

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