Day 26

Oatmeal Craisin Cookies

Who doesn’t love a cookie? Well, me, if it has raisins in it. Scared away by those nightmarish dried fruits, I managed to avoid tasting an oatmeal cookie for all of my almost 40 years. But they smell so good and cinnamony when I’m baking them (I usually pump out one or two batches during the holiday season). So to see what I was missing, and to get around the awkward raisin problem, I substituted craisins (in my book, tart is always better than sweet). And the cookie part was just as good as it smelled. The craisins tasted okay, but their texture was a deal-breaker. I don’t think I’ll go out of my way to eat these again.

2 Comments to “Day 26”

  1. I prefer oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips, or even the white chips. A bit of texture that doesn’t overpower the spices of the cookie. (They also make cinnamon chips now too! I bet those would be great.)

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