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December 8, 2011

Day 27

Grape Tomatoes

Incrementally, I’ve grown somewhat accepting of tomatoes. I started out with tomato sauce on pasta. When I was younger I ate around the chunks, but as I got older I began to shovel everything on the plate into my mouth. Same with salsa. When I first started eating it, which was surprisingly late in life, I could only eat the liquid part, leaving behind a chunky mess and annoying my husband. I’ve gotten better, though I still haven’t been able to break the full-size tomato barrier. So I decided to try mini tomatoes, thinking their size would make them more palatable. And I was right. At least on the first one. It was super small, a micro-burst of garden goodness. But then I tried a bigger, mushier one. Not as good. And then a bigger, mushier one. Had to be spit out. Maybe I’ll just stick with the salsa.