Day 27

Grape Tomatoes

Incrementally, I’ve grown somewhat accepting of tomatoes. I started out with tomato sauce on pasta. When I was younger I ate around the chunks, but as I got older I began to shovel everything on the plate into my mouth. Same with salsa. When I first started eating it, which was surprisingly late in life, I could only eat the liquid part, leaving behind a chunky mess and annoying my husband. I’ve gotten better, though I still haven’t been able to break the full-size tomato barrier. So I decided to try mini tomatoes, thinking their size would make them more palatable. And I was right. At least on the first one. It was super small, a micro-burst of garden goodness. But then I tried a bigger, mushier one. Not as good. And then a bigger, mushier one. Had to be spit out. Maybe I’ll just stick with the salsa.


5 Comments to “Day 27”

  1. I have the same adversion to tomatoes, but unlike you, I have yet to be able to eat the chunks. Luckily my husband likes tomatoes and I can always pawn them off on him. We have a nice ying and yang for salsa. I eat the liquid goodness and he takes the chunks.

  2. Or get garden-fresh tomatoes when they are in season over the summer? Trying out of season supermarket tomatoes is stacking the deck against acceptance, just because the taste is so different.

    In case you’re wondering about sudden blog comments: came here from Food and Think. I heartily applaud your efforts to try more things, even – especially – if it turns out you very little of what you taste.

    • Thanks, William, for the words of encouragement. I seem to be running about half and half as far as likes and dislikes. I suppose I could revisit the tomato in the summer, though …

  3. I’m iffy with tomatoes. I love them in things (as long as they’re cooked), but raw….they get peeled off sandwiches and pawned onto to the nearest neighbor.
    I will eat them in salsa, though. It took me a long time stop eating around the chunks as well.

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