Day 43

Gingerbread Cookie

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably caught on to the fact that some of my samples are maybe not the best examples of their kind. In my defense, I live in a teensy town in Upstate New York, and my choices are limited. (My county is even classified as a “food desert” by the USDA, where folks have “low access” to sustenance.) So these little guys came in a Pepperidge Farm box. Sure, I could have baked some up for Santa instead of the traditional chocolate chip, but that would have caused an Attica-like riot, courtesy of my five-year-old, who likes to chow down on Santa’s leftovers.

Pepperidge Farm knows their business, anyway. I can’t figure out why I’ve always avoided gingerbread (maybe it’s hard to eat mini body parts?), because it’s pretty yummy. A Christmas Eve miracle.

One Comment to “Day 43”

  1. My husband made gingerbread for the first time this Holiday season – my first taste of real gingerbread. The dough was so saturated with molasses that our countertop glistened auburn long after the dough was baking. It was lovely, though. Sweet and ever-so-subtly spicy.
    However, our gingerbread house kind of failed – a gingerbread hovel is what we called it.

    I’m digging your blog!

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