Day 46

Muenster Cheese Curds

This was a triple threat. I’m on iffy ground with cheese in the first place. And this one shares a name with a family of weirdos. Besides, should anything sporting the label “curd” be ingested?

But these little wonders had one thing going for them: they were, unlike many of the foods I’ve tried, the absolute best example of their kind. The creative director at our regional magazine scored a couple brown paper sacks of them on a tour of the McCadam Cheese plant in Chateaugay, New York. They were little nuggets of buttery goodness. So fresh they squeaked. Unfortunately, that will be my first and last encounter — I guess Muenster cheese curds don’t ship well, so they’re not sold in stores. We’ll have to file this under ill-fated love story.

3 Comments to “Day 46”

  1. My boss is from Northern New York – lots of cheese and maple syrup. It is because of him and his frequent trips back home that I have come to love those squeaky little bits known as “cheese curd”. But yes, I totally agree, “curd” is a suspect word.

  2. I’ve also tried these before. They’re like fried, buttery, sticky mouth orgasms.

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