Day 49


This stuff is great. I don’t think I can go wrong with any interpretation of cabbage. I’ll have to experiment with some of this in my soups. But it seems like I’m doomed to stumble a bit as I grope through the dimly lit aisles of culinary knowledge. With Kimchi, I accidentally picked up an extra-spicy version. And, wow, they’re not kidding. So next time I’m going to tone that down a bit. (Although, when I opened the jar, I think my husband found the second love of his life. He’s been hitting it pretty hard.)


8 Comments to “Day 49”

  1. I love your blog so much! I also think it’s great that you’re liking most of the foods you’ve tried!

  2. Bad breath, or no, this is a solid snack. I used to eat it right out of the jar.

    Do not research how it’s made.

  3. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog, I love it! I think trying new foods is a great idea 😉
    I’m Korean, and sometimes, even I can’t eat those spicy ones, PHEW! But, I can’t go one meal without having kimchi in front of me, haha ;P

  4. Yes, soup! You must try pork & kimchi stew! It’s very easy (pork, water, kimchi, tofu) and an great way to use old kimchi (like when you go to the Korean market and buy a gallon jar because it’s so much cheaper, then realize two months later that no, actually you couldn’t eat a whole gallon as fast as you thought.)

  5. I love kimchi! My sister used to keep a jar of it inside our refrigerator way back I didn’t care much for it. But now, I can’t get enough of it especially as an add-on to shabu-shabu food. And now, I’m craving for it. Darn!!

    Btw, I love the idea of your blog. If I were you, on my list would be ketchup – can you believe it? I’m a picky eater too.

    • I absolutely can believe it. I didn’t touch ketchup until after I was married (my husband thought I should try it!). I had to look up shabu-shabu … now it’s on my list.

  6. I only have ketchup with my McD’s cheeseburger, otherwise, no, thank you. But my husband keeps tricking me into trying it which is irritating. Oh, you should try shabu-shabu. It’s basically just soup stock with add-ons galore like veggies, seafood, meat.

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