Day 50


The Internet calls this a “distinctly American” treat. (There’s even a catchy jingle.) Still, it took me nearly four decades to run across one. And I’m pretty sure this nutritionally suspect white-bread snack doesn’t do anything for our country’s reputation. But it’s really not half-bad. Kind of like eating a candy sandwich, if you’re into that sort of thing. Maybe I’m coming around to out-of-context sweet? Baby steps.


52 Responses to “Day 50”

  1. its just waaaaay too much….cant do it…..

  2. My boyfriend used to have one of these daily in his lunchbox.

    Parents of the year, his folks were…


  3. I’ve never tried one of these before. What exactly does the sandwich taste like? There’s a peanut butter restaurant I think in New York where they serve all types of different peanut butter sandwiches including the fluffernutter.

    If you think that is sweet, check out my blog post “Christmas Pancake Holiday ornaments.” It’s a little past the season, but the recipe I have on there is still superbly sweet and might even top the fluffer nutter.

  4. Really? Omg I love fluffer nutters! I try not to eat them too often. They are like a little piece of heaven (for those of you who have never had one)

  5. OK, I’m new to your blog and have had my own problems getting adventurous and trying new foods (though I seem to be over that now). But you’ve never had a fluffernutter? It really is, perhaps only second to Spam, the most perfectly American food ever created.

  6. What’s a fluffer nutter? I’m having a difficult time forming an image – is like a marshmallow fluff sandwich with peanut butter? I suppose that would cover all the bases judging by the name, but I’m still lost.

    I do occasionally enjoy marshmallow fluff – if this is, in fact, involved. I like to mix it with strawberry (or some other fruit variety) cream cheese and eat it with grapes.

    • Yes, it’s a marshmallow fluff sandwich with peanut butter. Strange little critter, but not terrible. It tastes a lot like a peanut butter candy. Between slices of bread. Thanks for all the comments — fun to hear about others’ food adventures.

  7. I use to make, and of course eat these, more than ?? years ago, when I was a kid. I can’t remember if I put peanut butter or not.

    If I were to make an attempt at this today, it would be with a good challah bread. But that remains to be seen. πŸ˜‰ – bri ❀

  8. That looks kind of interesting; I might five it a whirl when I have my next cheat meal.Hope you had a great new year’s day and I look forward to reading more:))

  9. I looked up what went into this “treat” and was horrified to find out that it is considered distinctly American.

    Peanut allergy aside.

  10. Cut into strips and dunked in a glass of milk. Yes! Oreos for desert.

  11. Hi… First, love your name, I’m particular about what I eat, so your name appealed to me! And I LOVE fluffernutters! I love peanut butter and the combo. Not the healthiest combo, but yummy. Looking forward to see what else you’ll try!

  12. Like crack, for me – fluffernutters…can’t have the 3 ingredients in my house at the same time or else.

  13. A childhood favorite! But you have to be careful the fluffy doesn’t tear the white bread.

  14. Nope, didn’t grow up with it. I think my mother’s eyeballs would have exploded if she had confronted something like this. Seemed like more of a whitebread thing a la Hamburger Helper and Rice-a-Roni when I was a kid, and my family was Ethnically Other in our neighborhood. πŸ™‚

  15. ok i have to admit it sounds wrotten but i m sure its lovely, i also have to admit that marshmallow fluff creeps me out it looks disguisting but it does taste nice…Great Post….

  16. I β™₯ Fluffernutters!! True, they’re not healthy. Not even close. That’s why I limit myself to one Fluffternutter every decade. Teehee!

  17. Oh my goodness! You are bringing me WAY back. When we could afford it, my mom would buy a jar of marshmallow creme and make one of these beloved sandwiches for me and my sisters. Mine was always cut into triangles and enjoyed with milk. Delicious. I’m glad I haven’t remembered them in recent years-not good for you, but a nice treat.

  18. This is a staple at our house. We consider it a major food group. We’ve been known to add a little jelly with the fluff and the nutter. Good stuff!

  19. Being a Brit, I’d never even heard of a “fluffernutter”. And whilst I’m always intrigued by a new sandwich recipe… I’m not sure I’ll be rushing out to find one!

    Leavened Heaven: The Search for Sarnie Shangri-La

  20. Wait, so what is a fluffernutter? I didn’t catch it from the post. What a clever idea for a blog!

    • Thanks (love yours too!).
      I didn’t even think to explain what a fluffernutter is … sorry! It’s a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich. I don’t know why someone would have thought to put the two together, but it’s really not that bad. Not something I’m going to feed my kids, though. (They’d like it a little too much.)

  21. My grandma used to make these for me…eating one today still reminds me of her πŸ™‚

  22. I had to look this up too! Never heard of it or perhaps suppressed it…Thanks for the memory jog!

  23. My grandma used to spread marshmallow fluff on graham crackers for my brother and I…I don’t think I’ve ever had a fluffernutter, though. I suddenly feel un-American. Perhaps I’ll get some fluff and right that wrong very soon.

  24. I love Fluffernutter! Nothing better than some fluff and peanut butter yumm.

  25. I’ve never had one, and I can’t due to my allergies… but I bet they are good!

    By the way, you were featured on the homepage.

  26. Haha, wow. This brings me back. πŸ˜€

  27. Growing up, I was the pickiest eater, and through elementary school I’d have a fluffernutter sandwich everyday for lunch. I can’t imagine those years without that plastic-wrapped snack–how much more “distinctly American” can you get? Great post!

  28. My mom made these for us as kids. I don’t have fluff in my house to often, but when I do I sneak a fluffernutter sandwich in to my lunch.

  29. I really want to make a fluffer nutter sandwitch now! I’ve never had one before, though I do love marshmallow and I do love peanut butter so I think it’d be a win-win!

  30. There’s a sandwich shop right by my house that churns these out like no other. I don’t know why they even bothered putting a grilled cheese next to it on the kids menu. I don’t care how gooey the cheese is, it just can’t compare to the fluffernutter.

  31. My husband had this a lot growing up and still loves them. I think marshmallow fluff is a little gross – so sweet it makes my teeth hurt! And I love sweet! I prefer sliced bananas or Nutella with my peanut butter.

  32. I was raised eating fluffernutters and I just love them. Although, to keep my weight down, I wouldn’t dream of eating them anymore.


  33. Any idea of the Fluffernutter? It makes me curious. πŸ™‚

  34. I don’t get it. What is it exactly?

  35. Yummy, that sounds awesome!! Had my first experience of schmores (sorry iof spelling wrong) on a trip to the States last year – why do the Americans have so many brilliant flavor combinations????? Anyone know where I can buy marshmallow fluff in the UK??

  36. I could definitely eat a candy sandwich. πŸ™‚

  37. My mom used to make these as a treat.. though she would just hand me two spoons. One for the fluff and one for the peanut butter.. who needs the bread?!

  38. love the idea of your blog. The fluffernutter has a) made me feel a little bit sick and b) inspired my latest blog post πŸ˜‰ thankyou x

  39. Never heard of this, but now I’m on a quest to find it…

  40. I love your idea for a blog. And kudos for going out on a limb and trying new foods! My in-laws can’t believe I eat fluffernutters, but I was raised on them! Another great variation (the Elvis) is: PB, Bananas, and fried bacon. Assemble the sandwich and fry it in some butter in a pan (like you would for a grilled cheese). Serve with milk. Thanks for following my blog πŸ™‚

  41. sounds very familiar, but wasn’t sure what it was. just had to google it.

  42. My mom and I love fluffernutters. I think the key is to not put too much of the marshmallow fluff on, or you end up with it being sickeningly sweet. And if you use too much peanut butter, it can glue your mouth shut like Gorilla glue. I suppose there has to be a zen-like balance to it….


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