Day 52

Crispy Spicy Tuna Roll

I ate sushi! And I liked it. Never would have figured. True, I stacked the deck by ordering a variety where the rice/seaweed roll was deep-fried (always a point in a food’s favor). Then there was just a dollop of tuna on top, with a bit of wasabi sauce. Amazingly good.


6 Comments to “Day 52”

  1. I think I am, quite possibly, the only human being on Earth that does not like sushi. I want to like it. I like the word “sushi”, and they’re such colorful and beautiful little arrangements. I like the compact size and artistry of them. But I just…hate it. No matter what’s been done to it or how much cream cheese and soy sauce has been applied.

  2. I HATE HATE HATE any form of seafood. I think it’s more psychological than anything but my boyfriend loves sushi and after a year and a half finally convinced me to try sushi. I find that if I douse it in soy sauce and make myself forget what it is, I usually enjoy it. But I will only do it every once in awhile and I will only have like two little pieces (not sure what the technical term is because I think a roll is the whole thing right?)

  3. Do Mincemeat Pies next. I had a Welsh friend who made them for me from time to time and I really miss her (and them).

  4. Glad you liked it, because eating that and not liking it would be bad. I really don’t like sushi either. Uncooked animals? Ew. I will try cooked things in the sushi realm… not my favorite though!

  5. I am so glad you tried sushi! I love sushi and eat it weekly, and the rolls are my favourite. There is one with creamcheese, cucumber and fresh salmon…so GOOD!

    I just stumbled across this blog, but I really like it!

  6. You should try the spicy crispy salmon roll….it is simply to die for!

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