Day 53


Yes, this is supposed to be on something, not in a cup to the side of a meatloaf spread. But I was at lunch at Lake Placid’s Chair 6 Restaurant and I wanted the meatloaf special (it was great). I also wanted to try something new, so I asked for some of their Mediterranean Pesto on the side (a lot like regular pesto, with some red peppers thrown in). This request got a funny look from the waiter, but he complied. It really wasn’t as strange a mix as you might think. It gave a pop of fresh to an otherwise heavy dish (not that I have anything against heavy dishes). So we have another winner. Better try something gross soon or my frowny faces will get lonely.


6 Comments to “Day 53”

  1. I applaud you for making an effort to push beyond your self-imposed boundaries. I’m amazed at the number of foods you’ve never tried – in my family, we’ll give an attempt to about anything! – and I think it’s awesome you’re giving it all a good go. I understand the whole “texture” business… of the few foods I really don’t like, it’s mostly because of texture, not because of flavor. Like that cranberry jelly crap in a can. It’s like they put sand in it. Gross.
    I happen to like “out of context sweet” – like, I adore coconut shrimp. But my husband shares your opinion – that dinner should be savory, not sweet, lol. It takes all kinds, right?!

  2. How about an invertebrate? I have a soft spot for squid and octopus (when correctly prepaired). Definitely adventurous!

  3. I’ve tried squid (because it was deep-fried, of course), but not octopus. Trouble is, not sure where I would find octopus around here.

  4. Fantastic that you are doing this, and thanks for sharing it with us!!

  5. I just discovered your blog and it is awesome! I love the way you describe your food experiences in both words and pictures. How do you make the drawings? I will eat almost anything, but enjoy and appreciate your observations and perspective. Thanks for sharing your journey!

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