Day 54

Pistachio Ice Cream

Well, this was disappointing. It wasn’t green. Isn’t pistachio ice cream supposed to be green? That’s one of the reasons I’d always shied away from it: out-of-context green. But when I opened this it looked like a batch of unassuming vanilla. How hard is that to like? Pretty hard, I guess. The ice cream part was too darn sweet. (A standard flaw with these hippie pints from Vermont — although I would happily die in a vat of AmeriCone Dream.) But the nuts made it somewhat palatable. I think with enough chocolate sauce I can get through the carton.


4 Comments to “Day 54”

  1. I avoid Pista any-thingies like the plague! And after a gruesome battle with a scoop of the frozen green stuff, back when I was a kid (that we shall not discuss on account of the trauma), it now has me leaving the room in a state of intense panic whenever anyone whips out a tubful of it!

  2. I think you need to try a different brand:)

  3. I’ve not had this flavor before, myself. I only recently connected to the coy, little nut itself. I lived in fear of it for many years because it looked like a crustacean, and that just didn’t seem right to me.
    I love it now and eat way to many when given the chance. Plus “pistachio” is just a fantastic word!

  4. I’d recommend “Late Night Snack” but I guess if you think it’s too sweet, this one might kill you, lol. As for pistachios, ohmigosh – we eat them right outta the shell like there’s no tomorrow – I think they have some additive “which makes you crave them fortnightly”..!!

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