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January 6, 2012

Day 56

Whole Wheat Pasta

I bet not many people remember this obscure bit of 1970s music history, but Melanie (just one name, like Cher) sang a song called “I don’t eat animals (and they don’t eat me).” If you are dying to hear a clip, here it is on YouTube. From the story she tells at the beginning, I think she was on something a little stronger than meat when she wrote it. Anyway, my mom listened to the song so much when I was a kid, I know it by heart: “I don’t eat white flour/white sugar makes you rot./Oh, white can be beautiful, but mostly, it’s not.” Thing is, we did eat white flour. And white sugar. And quite a number of animals who never once thought of eating us. And everybody we knew did, too. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that we joined the whole-wheat revolution, with bread at least. And I was pretty far into my adulthood before I made the switch to brown rice. I never even thought about whole-wheat pasta until my workmates claimed I could make the switch without my family ever noticing. I didn’t believe them. But they were right. (About this, anyway. Mostly, it’s me who’s right and they should remember that.) I used whole-wheat penne, baked like ziti with sauce and mozzarella cheese. Super good and no one the wiser. Very cool.