Day 57


This was a fun, fresh-tasting side — even liked the tiny tomatoes! — though it came in a tub from the grocery store, to my workmates’ horror (foodies and vegetarians to varying degrees. If you imagine our group as a food, I would be the strange, crusty meatball atop an organic mixed-greens salad). So I will try making this myself, as long as I can come up with an appropriately interesting entree to serve it with. Any suggestions?


6 Comments to “Day 57”

  1. How ’bout some kind of kebab?

  2. tabouli is a great side dish with grilled meat!

  3. I love tabbouli, wait until you make your own, the taste is 100% better!!!

  4. I really like the topic of your blog, I just discovered it!!

  5. Niki try squeezing a little lemon and add fresh mint to this, then serve with grilled fish and another lemon wedge. We enjoy it as a side with other sides, like hummus, olives, feta cheese, tomato and basil etc.

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