Day 58

Pork Ribs

Ewwww. This was my husband’s first experiment with a smoker, and they were too smokified. But even if they’d been done to perfection, it would be a thumbs down. Strange texture. Way too animal-like. (I prefer not to think about where my meat comes from. I envision something similar to Santa’s workshop, with lots of out-of-thin-air magic and sanitized-for-your-protection wrappers.) And it was difficult to eat. I was even mocked for using a knife and fork. Pass.


7 Responses to “Day 58”

  1. Noooooo!!
    Ribs are so wonderful! I am an ethusiastic carnivore, and I love pork (second only to lamb; baby animals are delicious). And smoked things. And gnawing on smoked meaty things.
    However, that all being said, we don’t actually eat a lot of flesh in my household. We buy all our meat locally (factory farming is quite terrible) and it can be expensive.
    I’ll eat your share next time :]

  2. Kudos to your hubby for trying something new, but amateur smoked foods tend to taste like leather over a campfire.

    But good ribs – starting with a good spice rub, smoked low and slow over hickory, mesquite, or apple wood, and served with a good barbecue sauce is heaven on earth.

    This weekend, I was in Kansas City (the barbecue capitol of the world) and had some amazing, roll-your-eyes-back-in-your-head, slap yo’ mama ribs. Amazingly tasty and fall-off-the-bone tender. Worth every second of the 3 hour car ride.

    Another one where I beg you to try again. Find a local BBQ joint and have their baby back ribs.

    Even if it’s a chain like Chili’s.

  3. I suppose I can give it another try. But probably not around here … we don’t even have a Chili’s here, let alone a proper BBQ joint!

  4. Ohmygosh I am just drooling thinking of pork ribs….mmmmmmm! Yeah, sometimes I have to squeeze my brain to get rid of the “ewww I am eating an animal” (ground meat seems better, somehow) but I adore-adore ribs! But ya gotta eat em with your hands and get messy… it’s the only way it works. I think – not to be mean or anything – but maybe some of these things you should try “out to eat”… maybe part of why you don’t like these things in a lack in your own preparation? (I mean, I am a crappy cook – I don’t care for even most of my fave things if I make them myself!)

    • That made me giggle. Yes, some of these problems are definitely user error … but my husband has to take the bullet on this one, since he was the cook. I’ve vowed to try ribs in a restaurant. Maybe I’ll even use my hands.
      But — no joshin’ — I really am a good cook. I’m just prone to truly fouling things up once they start to go bad … in life and in the kitchen!


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