Day 59


The men in my life pop these like pills, claiming they’re not spicy at all. I beg to differ. I don’t mind a little spice in a dish, but right out of the jar? Nope. Even this mildest of pickled peppers is too piquant for my palate. (Who doesn’t love alliteration?)


5 Comments to “Day 59”

  1. Whoever told you to eat these plain out of the jar… don’t listen to them anymore!! 🙂 These are GREAT chopped up into a salad, not too hot, just right for a little added pep!

  2. What a great blog!!
    I love the idea of trying a new food a day!

    I personally love pepperoncini (or any hot pepper, really) straight out of the jar! Delicious…

  3. You made my day with your blog!!! Pepperoncini are good with sandwiches, but you cut off the stem and squeeze the juice out. Also cut them up and use instead of potato chips with a tuna fish sandwich.

  4. My husband puts these on pizza. I like the way they feel in my hand, and their scent is nice – but no thanks! Cayenne will always have my heart :]

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