Day 60


My unconditional love affair with cabbage has come to a dramatic end. I was a bit leery of this extra-smelly condiment to begin with, so I decided to try this recipe. I can’t think of anything (or anyone) that doesn’t benefit from a few hours of stewing in wine. But that also means an extra-smelly condiment was stewing up our kitchen for a few hours. To add to the ambiance, my husband — his turn at the stove — decided to serve it with trout. An unfortunate miscommunication, to say the least. Another miscommunication, this one involving a middle-school basketball scrimmage, delayed the serving of this mess for an hour. Didn’t matter. Even under the best of circumstances, sauerkraut would now be dead to me. And it has only itself to blame.


7 Comments to “Day 60”

  1. Reread the recipe. I think you are supposed to prepare that (anything with cabbage) in someone else’s kitchen. It was a good idea. Gone bad. Shame.

  2. Love your writing style. The only way I like sauerkraut is in a reuben sandwich where the pastrami, the mustard, the cheese, the rye bread (obviously I forgot the exact way they are made!!) overwhelm the sauerkraut, yet you need it for crunch!!! To eat sauerkraut just al fresco as you described makes my kraut feel sour.

  3. Inspired to look up the recipe for a Reuben; gee, I wasn’t too far off, and it has been years since I have had one. I do recall loving them. You never seem to see them anymore. Odd. I know that sandwiches do have popularity phases.

  4. Sauerkraut – along with horseradish – only belongs in the garbage as faras I’m concerned. I’m with you on this one. Blegh!

  5. Sauerkraut sounds especially foul the way you have described it: cooked, combined with wine, and served with trout.

    Like Carolee, I too enjoy sauerkraut in sandwiches.. but I’ve also been known to eat it straight from the jar, or to add it (cold) to the top of my macaroni and cheese. Its awesome like that, but the thought of it cooked and with other offending items? No wonder you found it to be disgusting!

  6. I love sauerkraut, but my mom is German so maybe that’s the deal…. but I have to say that served with trout – for heaven’s sake! – even I wouldn’t like it then. Yuk. I mean, I like trout but that’s a horrible pairing! lol. It goes with stuff like bratwurst, or German potato salad, or yeah, a Rueben sandwich… maybe you should try it again in a proper meal?

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