Day 61

Split-Pea Soup

Every time there’s a family ham dinner, my mom squirrels away the bone for a batch of split-pea soup. I’ve never even come close to trying it. It’s green with a Spackle-like texture. Nuff said. But I like ham and I love peas, so it was worth a shot — even though I really had no desire to add it to my approved foods list. (I do not like green soup with ham. I do not like it, Sam-I-am.) So I sacrificed the Christmas porker’s frozen bone and scraps to the pea soup gods with a heavy heart. It wasn’t as terrible as expected — tasted kind of like peas and ham. But I can’t imagine it will ever become a favorite.


2 Comments to “Day 61”

  1. My husband always makes a black bean and ham soup with the bone – fan-fucking-tastic!
    I much prefer it to the pea soup/ham bone tradition.

  2. Yeah, I’m betting I would like that much better. Too bad you can’t mail me some!

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