Day 64

Deep-Fried Scallop

Phew … I can finally bust out the smiley faces again. Is there anything deep frying can’t save? Picked up one of these little guys at a Chinese Buffet and it was surprisingly good. Only thing is, it was on the thin side, so I don’t know if I’d be as happy with one of those sauteed fatties like they have on the chef shows I watch obsessively. Texture might be off. Will have to report back. And maybe I can try lobster?


7 Comments to “Day 64”

  1. I hate to break it to you, but it was probably skate if it was thin. Scallops are, however, quite good. Raw, even.

    BTW, I look forward to each installment of Picky Niki!

  2. I can eat scallops only when they are tiny – and properly cooked; I’m not a fan of the overdone rubbery texture…
    But those big behemoth’s that my husband likes? Nope, a little two much sea creature for me.

    Lobster is lovely, though! All buttered up…yum…

  3. Do it in the safety of your home!

  4. frying does make almost anything taste good!

  5. I was just debating writing a blog post about how I could probably eat anything if it was deep fried 🙂

  6. deep fried scallops are lush! first tried them at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant about 12 years ago and have had them on my menus at work at various times ever since 🙂

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