Day 65

Potato Gnocchi

I had dinner guests for my first stab at making potato gnocchi — or any gnocchi, for that matter. But everything turned out well. (Although at one point I was struggling with the dough and wondering what on earth I would serve if I couldn’t make it work. SpaghettiOs, anyone?) These were good, but plain (from Bittman’s How to Cook Everything), and there was much discussion about what to add for a little more kick. I’m thinking just some parm and black pepper. Maybe garlic. But there was some talk of crumbled bacon …


8 Comments to “Day 65”

  1. I never made gnocchi, or tried in in a restaurant. I mean why use potatoes and make them look like pasta? I just don’t get it. Once more, your blog inspires me, thanks!!

  2. I had gnocci for dinner tonight too 🙂

  3. Hi, credit to anyone attempting gnocchi for the first time. A bit daunting to start with but fun to make when you get the hang of it and tasty too. Parmesan, pepper and garlic all good ideas that will work well as will the bacon. You can also try dusting them in flour and pan frying them which even though less healthy I find more tasty. 🙂

  4. Gnocchi is so good. I don’t have the guts to make it from scratch, though! Glad yours turned out well.

  5. Everything is better with bacon!!! 🙂

  6. Love the comment, and true, true, true. Just add bacon. Picky Nicky have you tried Kale??? It is rather yecht too, but adding bacon really helps. I would love to see your kale comments. Will try to scroll through your blog.

  7. I tried kale chips, which were very close to being edible. I’m sure I could handle some sauteed kale with bacon.

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