Day 68

Baba Ganoush and Muhammara

A workmate brought these samples back from New York City — a splash of exotic color in our otherwise albino milieu. I didn’t have high hopes. One is made from creamed eggplant (a food I rejected way back on Day 22) and the other is an unpromising mix of mushed up walnuts and pomegranate molasses. Sounded disturbingly sweet. But it wasn’t. It was even rather pleasant. And the baba ganoush was good, too. The moral I’m taking away from the ganoush: if you don’t like something, just add garlic. A lot of garlic.



2 Comments to “Day 68”

  1. You scoop a bit of baba ganoush with a tiny bit of pita. The mahammara is made from roasted peppers, olive oil, pecans, and in some cases, perhaps a bit of hot pepper or maybe the Arab equivalent of paprika. I’ve never had any made with molasses and pomegranates. Meats cooked on a skewer with a bit of mahammara instead of sauce from a bottle and a piece of pita are good together.

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