Day 70

Plantain Chips

Also called Tostones. These were fried, which is a plus, liberally salted, another plus, and they tasted nothing like bananas, yet another plus, but I was still underwhelmed. I was careful to avoid a ripe specimen (I read that those are super sweet), but a little more of some type of flavor would have certainly helped.

4 Comments to “Day 70”

  1. The NAME sounds awful: plantain crisps? I had some kale chips. Horrible.

  2. Sorry about the kale chips. Those can really go wrong. From now on will avoid any chip made out of fruits or veggies.

    • I find it incredibly funny that companies are using fruits and vegetables to make chips so people can trick themselves into thinking they are eating something “healthy” when really it is same old delicious salt, and same old delicious fat of the good old potato chip!

  3. I’ve had plantain chips that I’ve liked before. I imagine they vary in taste.

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