Day 71


Cooked fruit — one of my mortal enemies — has thawed our Cold War a bit with this little cutie. I simmered the fight out of him with a little sugar and cinnamon. And it wasn’t too sweet or too mushy, two of his kind’s cardinal sins. When I get a little more time on my hands (after I convince my kids that it’s a good career move to run off with a circus at an early age), I think I’ll cook up a batch of quince jelly.

4 Responses to “Day 71”

  1. quince jelly is supposed to be really good. I have not had any since i was a kid.

  2. I am a city girl, but my husband came from the country. I had never even heard of a “quince” —One day visiting his grandmother, we picked quinces from her beautiful tree. You cannot eat these things, so you make jelly with them! I still remember the boiling water, the sugar, the jars. Your post has reminded me of this very special experience in my younger life.

  3. Hi Picky Niki–I’ve been enjoying your blog and mentioned it on mine the other day–hope you don’t mind.

    If you want to see it, it is in the post titled “No-thank-you Bites”



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