Day 72

Buckwheat Pancakes

These were a bust, but it was definitely user error. One attempt is just not enough to get used to a new ingredient. Turned out greasy, rubbery and flat as a, well, pancake. Will try again. Even if my five-year-old did tell me NEVER to make pancakes like this again.

4 Comments to “Day 72”

  1. Buckwheat pancakes–old fashioned–read about them in stories—-try them again!!

  2. Sounds ambitious, I’ve never tried baking with buckwheat before. Good, and disappointing, to know : (

  3. Instead of frying pancakes, make them in a non-stick electric griddle. You’ll avoid the oily finish and shiny lips, and you’ll be able to concentrate on the flavor of the grain. Don’t use a metal spatula on your griddle.

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