Day 73

Bacon Brownies

I was thoroughly mocked by my family for attempting this combination. Most geniuses are misunderstood in their lifetimes. We can take it. But as it turns out — maybe you should sit down for this — I was wrong. At least in this instance. The bakin’-nators didn’t live up to my hype.

7 Comments to “Day 73”

  1. In whose universe does this taste good? I’m with you, I’ll pass… And I’ll eat anything.

  2. I’ll admit that I love the combination of chocolate and bacon. It’s that sweet and savory thing going on. I’m sorry this one was a miss for you.

  3. This sounds like it had so much potential.

  4. You know, this is honestly surprising, as chocolate-dipped bacon is actually delicious and heart clogging. I guess it was the texture of the brownie? Next time try chocolate-bacon ice cream haha, yuck

  5. I know … this really should have worked. But it was all my fault — as usual. I should have stuck with my first instincts and crumbled up the bacon instead of following some bad internet advice and leaving it in strips between two brownie layers. Kinda like a chocolate bacon sandwich. Plus the mix I used was way too rich for this to work. But I’m not giving up on this dream.

  6. Bacon? Good! Chocolate? Good! This has potential. Hehehe. 🙂

  7. love the fact you gave it a go!

    thanks for following my blog, added you too 🙂

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