Day 76

Red Anjou Pear

Although I’ve had disastrous run-ins with Bartlett pears, I thought maybe nibbling on a fancier-sounding type would yield better results. But a pear by any other name is still a pear — gritty, thick-skinned and unpleasant. Like chewing on a wad of sandpaper.

7 Comments to “Day 76”

  1. So sorry for your bad experience. Pears when they are perfectly ripe and very cold, are delicious.

  2. Nikki I just can’t imagine what kinda pears your eating…….

  3. Aw man. I’m sorry you didn’t like it. When pears are perfectly right, they are like candy to me! When I can’t wait for a pear to ripen, I poach it. Next time you’re feeling adventurous you can: peel it, poach it in a sugar/water solution (50/50). Then when it is soft, eat it with ice-cream! I love following your little daily adventures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’m with you. I’ve never had a pear that didn’t taste like a mealy, diluted, misshapen apple.

  5. sound very under-ripe to me..
    try ripening them in a warm place and peeling them too if the skin is thick.. or poaching them in stock syrup and munch on with ice cream if ever you’re willing to give them another try!

  6. Peel and poach pears in wine. They should never be gritty, but the window between unripe and too ripe is extremely narrow. If they feel soft, it’s too late to enjoy eating them.

  7. Did you ever try the canned variety? I also think fresh pears are grossly gritty, but I really like them once they are canned.

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