Day 78

Vegetable Samosa

My husband loves to cart home other folks’ junk from garage sales. So when he wandered in with a Fry Daddy last summer I rolled my eyes and stashed it in the farthest corner of a dark cupboard. Little did I know I would be the first one to bust it out. (Guess he’s not always wrong. Just mostly.) These crispy little critters were good, of course. I like most vegetables anyway — and if they’re tucked in a pocket of deep-fried goodness, that’s just a bonus.

2 Comments to “Day 78”

  1. Samosas are awesome. Whether filled with potatoes and peas or meat with peas, I’m a fan.

  2. I had never heard of a vegetable samosa: watched a video on you tube. Looks awesome! Will add to my list of frying adventures. Thank you!

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