Day 99


Fellow blogger Foodimentary turned me on to the fact that it’s National Drink Wine Day (who knew?). So I decided to hit the liquor store — the only establishments in New York allowed to retail wine — and grab a variety I hadn’t tried yet. It took awhile. But I finally landed on Argentinian Malbec (specifically, Alamos Malbec 2010). I love full-bodied dry wines, and Malbec has been called “earthy” and “rustic,” so it was a sure winner.


2 Comments to “Day 99”

  1. Thank you! Always looking for a recommendation in the wine area.

  2. I am not a gigantic fan of most red wine. It has an unpleasant after-taste that I can’t really get into.. but I did not find this to be the case with the malbec that I tried. It was totally missing that component at the end of the sip that makes me cringe a little.

    Glad you liked!

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