Day 101


This started out okay but went south quickly, as I started to hit more and more bittery pith. I’ve decided only to eat it if someone else — an especially devoted servant for life? — painstakingly de-piths my grapefruit for me.

11 Comments to “Day 101”

  1. I agree. There is a funky after taste that I do not like. But Ruby Red Grapefruit juice is lovely 🙂

  2. Niece you need to come further south to eat grapefruit! Your aunt can some really great Ruby Red down here!

  3. Day 101 is grapefruit? You’ve never had grapefruit before?

  4. Wow! Grapefruit is one of my favorites! I’m not sure how you prepped it, maybe like the illustration, but in that case you shouldn’t have been getting pith. Try cutting into supremes… Lots of great videos on You Tube show you how. the Ruby Red grapefruit right now is so delicious!

  5. I love grapefruit, I’d eat it more if it didnt take so much effort to prepare (compared to the other fruits). after a while it certainly does feel super acidic, but I eat it anyways. I love how unique it is. I also cant help but put some sugar on it too.

  6. Mmmm sprinkle it with brown sugar and pop it under the broiler for 3 or so minutes. Soo good!

  7. I sprinkle mine with sweet n low or Splenda. Takes some of the bitterness out of it.

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