Day 103


No, I’ve never had a burrito. I’ve had plenty of tacos, but the refried beans always scared me away from the taco’s weightier cousin. And I was right to be afraid — that thick layer of legumes added nothing but a mushy mess of nastiness.

4 Comments to “Day 103”

  1. Thanks for the laugh that went hand in hand with this post. That’s what makes me love your blog!

  2. Try the burrito sans beans! Makes it better for me, at least!

  3. I agree with Steve. You can ask to have it made without beans. It’s way better that way.

  4. I feel I must defend the burrito!

    As a few others have said, alter your recipe. When I make burritos, I often double bean it (refried beans & whole, soaked and cooked beans) because I love beans (and also don’t eat meat). It might help to have some nice crisp raw veg in the burrito too.. raw onion, raw sweet peppers.. anything to give it a little snap and make it anything but mushy.

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