Day 109

Tempura Green Beans

This had all the earmarks of a winner: I love fresh green beans. I love just about anything that’s fried. And I dipped these babies in a beer and sesame seed batter, two more things I love. But the sum just wasn’t equal to its parts. They were okay, but nothing compared to the joy of a fresh-from-the-garden bean. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I guess frying doesn’t always make things better. I’m feeling a bit disillusioned.

2 Comments to “Day 109”

  1. See you are a Yankee!
    Don’t like it fried, southern your not!

  2. Every few years I crave a dose of tempura — usually shrimp and vegerables, but every time I have it, it’s enough to satiate my taste buds for another few years because it’s finish is always the oil that’s in the fried batter.

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