Day 112


They should have named these little numbers ugli fruits. Like the ugly surprise you get when you bite into one. First it’s a rush of way-too-sweet, followed by a slap of way-too-sour, finished off with a way-too-sweet redux. It’s like the flavors are fighting to be the very worst thing in your mouth.


2 Comments to “Day 112”

  1. Kumquats aren’t mostly eaten alone as you would an orange because they are even more sour than lemons and limes. However, they’re great when sliced paper thin and made into orange marmalade without too much sugar, but that is up to your individual taste for how sweet you want your food to be. That marmalade is great on crunchy toast that is not burnt or on crisp crackers.

  2. I am in total agreement with you on this one! I used to pick bags full of these suckers on my way home from elementary school to give to my mom who adored them… and I could never understand how she could eat them.

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