Day 113


Grabbed some garden veggie tempeh at the grocery store and fried it up with a stir-fry. On the side, of course, then mixed into my individual serving. (It was a little too daring for my kids.) I heard this stuff takes on flavors well, so I fried it in butter to get a nice crisp, then I threw some beef broth in. (My apologies to the vegetarian universe.) The front flavor and crispy outer texture were spot on for these little cubes. But there was an aftertaste that didn’t fly. Good thing I like meat.

2 Comments to “Day 113”

  1. I’ll eat almost anything. I like tofu. I love stinky cheeses. I thought, it can’t possibly be that bad. Years later, all I can think of is …. blech.

  2. I wonder if it is the garden veggie variety that is to blame? I’ve not sampled that kind.. in Poland, the only flavor I’ve been able to find is plain, and that has a delicious nuttiness to it. I think it’s my favorite of vegetarian processed proteins!

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