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March 5, 2012

Day 115

Pomegranate/Cranberry Juice

A workmate brought in some pomegranate seeds (or seed casings, or whatever they are) for me to try awhile back. They’re good, but such tiny tasties hardly seem worth the effort of getting them out of their peel. So I decided to try pomegranate juice. Only I accidentally picked up pomegranate/cranberry juice. (Frankly, all the POM Wonderful jugs look the same. And the packaging could use some tweaks anyway. Something about those genie bottles gives the impression that there’s a dark, syrupy mystery lurking inside.) It didn’t matter about the cranberry, though. Since I’m a tart lover, I like cranberry juice a lot. Tart as in taste, not tart as in loose women. Not that I have anything against loose women, mind you. Knock yourselves out.

Anyway, the pomegranate/cranberry combination was good. Not a heck of a lot different from regular cranberry juice, but some great tart on tart action.