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March 14, 2012

Day 124

Irish Soda Bread

Gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day. (And, yes, I will be sampling my very first corned-beef-and-cabbage dish on Saturday. I couldn’t be less thrilled.) Actually, an angry sounding webster who runs a site called the “Society for the Preservation of Irish Soda Bread” points out that if said bread has raisins in it, it most certainly is not Irish soda bread. And this one had raisins in it. A lot of raisins. In fact, that’s why it’s getting a frowny face. I saw that it had raisins in it when I picked it up at the grocery store, of course. But I convinced myself that I could eat around those offending fruit bits. A good plan, if there hadn’t been so darn many of them. Really, there was no escape, and that’s what doomed this otherwise solid entry in the bread family. Interestingly, it was another non-traditional ingredient that I liked best about it. There were caraway seeds in there for some reason. Once I realized I liked those little guys, a workmate pointed out that I would probably like rye bread. Now that would be a surprising development.