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March 17, 2012

Day 127

Corned Beef and Cabbage

I’m sure it’s the name that’s kept me away from this food all these years. What in the world is a corned beef? Sounds like a beef that’s been compromised in a rather naughty way. But it’s actually just salt-cured (brined with “corns” of salt). And it’s good — though it has nothing on a ham. This dish could have been a winner. I like potatoes. And carrots. And cabbage. And salty meat. (No, that one wasn’t a sexual innuendo. I know sometimes it’s hard to tell with me.) But there was a typical SNAFU in the Picky Niki kitchen. Recipes called for “pickling spice.” And the brand I picked up included cinnamon. Had I known this before I dumped it into my dutch oven I would have rethought the whole thing. But a brief survey of the internet reveals that adding cinnamon isn’t Abby Normal at all. And I do always love cinnamon. I mean, almost always. Not, apparently, when it’s been stewing with meat and cabbage for a couple hours. Happy St. Pat’s anyway.