Day 129

Saffron Rice

Tried again with the saffron, since I couldn’t detect any in my version of Arroz con Pollo. This time I picked up a pre-made package (Vigo Saffron Yellow Rice). It was good, but pretty similar to my regular old pilaf. So my question is, Does saffron have any taste at all? Is it just a vapid, but very expensive, beauty queen? An internet search on the subject came up with “honey-like” and “earthy” and “more about smell than taste” and “bitter” if you dump too much in. But a lot of other folks out there in cyberspace are wondering about its lack of flavor. More investigation is needed to get to the bottom of this yellow-tinged mystery.

2 Comments to “Day 129”

  1. I always thought saffron was over-rated too.

  2. Saffron is nice. I like the flavor and all, but I agree. Nothing to write home about.

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