Day 137

Chickpea Salad

I thought this would be a loser, since there’s dried cranberries in there with the chickpeas and edamame. (Dried fruit = blech) But the lovely garlic and vinegar proved an interesting balance to those tart tidbits. Sure, there were a lot of weird things going on in my mouth, but it all worked out fine.

2 Comments to “Day 137”

  1. Chickpeas can be kind of mealy in texture. I’m really surprised that those didn’t bother you but the dried fruit might’ve been a problem.

    • The main problem with dried fruit is the sweet factor (out-of-context or in-your-face sweet bothers me more than just about anything). Cranberries are tart, so that just left the weird factor to overcome. Especially since it’s so bizarre (at least to me!) to put fruit bites in with vinegary legumes. Live and learn. 🙂

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