Day 141

Quiche Mini-Torte

Tried one of these at work buddy Lisa’s baby shower (Congrats Lisa! You’ll be a great mom.) Before I started the Picky Niki experiment, the spread at her party would have intimidated me: curried chicken salad sandwiches and some sort of quinoa concoction, among other exotic-looking fare. At least exotic to the old me. The new me took a little of just about everything (opted for plain-Jane tuna over curried chicken salad, though). The most challenging thing on my plate was the quiche torte. Quiche = eggs and eggs = most hated food. It was really hard to sample. Honestly, there wasn’t much wrong with the taste. But I couldn’t really get past the terrifying egginess: the look, the texture, the smell. For the time being, eggs are still on the naughty list. But I’m planning a blind date with an omelet sometime in the future.

One Comment to “Day 141”

  1. love a quiche! and a mini one is even better because that means its all mine! 😀

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