Day 142

Udad Papad

Much confusion over this food. I guess these urad flour wafers — also known as pappadums — are pretty standard in India. And “udad” I think refers to a black pepper variety? They did seem a bit spicy — though that might have been the salsa. Yes, I dipped them in salsa. I know, I know. It’s supposed to be chutney or some such. But I didn’t have any chutney. And they seemed chip-like. So I went with salsa. I don’t recommend doing that. Also, I fried them until they turned brown. The package just said fry or roast. And I fry most things until they turn brown. In this case that’s a bad thing. They tasted burnt. So I’m going to withhold judgement until someone who actually knows what he or she is doing can prepare the papads.


3 Comments to “Day 142”

  1. 🙂 I can imagine all the confusion, but there are tons of papads that we (indians) have – just like tons of chips flavors/types. So if you can upload a pic I can give the correct cooking instructions.
    However from my experience, you could try 2 things:
    – microwave them for like 20-25 secs and stop just before they start going black in some spots
    – deep frying always has the best results; and definitely brown is not the color to seek here.. a very light brown will do. 🙂

    And udad/urad is actually black lentil –

  2. It was this: I’m sure they would be great … if someone else prepared them!

    • Yep they are the classic ones. You can use any of my 2 methods of prepping them. Another method I like is roasting on direct fire – like barbecue. I do it on stove though – turn on the stove and roast a part of the papad till it starts getting brown spots. Rotate & repeat till the whole papad is done.
      And here is a nice papad-recipe video
      Hope your next try gives it a “thumbs-up”.

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