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April 6, 2012

Day 147

Tahini Broccoli Pasta

While browsing the jam aisle last week for ingredients for the s’mores-a-palooza, I saw a can of tahini. Said sesame paste. I like sesame. And it was with the jams, so I figured it was some sort of spread. When I got back to the office and shared my score with my workmates, they set me straight — after having a good giggle. They even found me a tahini-based recipe for my experimenting pleasure. Not much pleasure, though, since the dish was overwhelmingly bitter. That didn’t seem to add up with what I’d heard, so I did a background check on this suspect ingredient. Verdict? It’s not supposed to be that bitter … at least not after it’s been properly paired. But it could have been an old batch. Someone also suggested that canned tahini is a potential problem. Or I’m just too darn picky.