Day 149

Corn Fritter

That brown blob to the left is a deep-fried wad of bready corn. As unappetizing as that sounds, compared to dry ham and tasteless potatoes, it was probably the best thing on the Easter table. On top of my poor showing as a chef, I wimped out on trying a hard-boiled egg. My poor palate had already endured enough.


6 Comments to “Day 149”

  1. awww … you poor thing, don’t be so hard on yourself!

  2. I defiantly love corn fritters! Did yours have a dipping sauce or powdered sugar? I am glad you liked them. I am surprised you have never had a hard boiled egg. I will not lie, I like eggs and thing they are gross, unless I can’t smell them hehe

    • No sauce or anything, but I’ll have to admit, they could have used a little something. What do you usually dip them in?
      p.s. eggs = horrific nightmare

      • Usually they just have powdered sugar on them, and that is good. I have seen people dip them in bbq sauce, even ranch! I like mine dry. I would start off with like a poached egg, they smell less scary.

  3. You’ve never eaten a hard boiled egg?? Wow. I forced my poor child to try everything! Hard boiled eggs are actually once of her faves… especially if we make it into egg-salad for sandwiches. Sure, they smell like Yosemite, but they don’t taste like that.

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