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April 9, 2012

Day 150

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Doesn’t seem very daring, does it? Well, trust me, it is. For one thing, I don’t eat chicken wings. They seem like a messy bother. Plus I don’t like anyone trying anything funny with my pizza — a food I love to orgasmic heights. So save your artichoke hearts or pesto or feta cheese. Just slap some cured meats on top of gobs of mozzarella and move along. But my husband wanted to try this variety and I figured I’d give it a go. I thought the topping would be some sort of wing-sauced chicken. Instead, it was chopped up breaded chicken fingers (the kind I have to feed my 6-year-old at all manner of restaurants) with a swirl of spicy “buffalo” sauce over the whole thing. Weird. The folks at this pizza chain must have just given up. It was okay, I guess. Edible. But nowhere near orgasm. Not even worth a good fake.