Day 153

Saag with Paneer

Loosely translated: spinach puree with cottage cheese-like cubes. A workmate brought in a box of this Kitchens of India Palak Paneer. Said just heat & eat, but the picture on the box made me not want to do either of those things. I stared at it for two whole days before I got up the gumption to try it. When I opened the bag inside and glopped it out, my opinion didn’t improve. Looked an awful lot like baby diarrhea. The thick, dark green kind. With my famous will of steel, though, I popped it in the microwave and took a spoonful. And it’s not bad. I would have liked a little more spinach flavor (I think maybe in fresh versions there would be more) and maybe a little less of whatever that mystery spice was. But the biggest surprise was how okay I was with the cheese nuggets floating in there. Wonder of wonders.

4 Comments to “Day 153”

  1. Love PANEER!! You should try Rajma Saagwala (Kidney beans with spinach)
    I make it with canned beans and frozen spinach, so easy to make 😀

  2. I love saag paneer. Another good one to try is saag aloo. That one is spinach and potatoes.

  3. This sounds so gross! But I think I’d try it if I had some around… how in the world do you have something new to try every day? Without shopping every day, or going out every day… or do you? And you must live somewhere… I don’t know, where they have – stuff. Lol

    • Actually I live in a very rural area … So it’s kind of a pain in the butt. I have to plan ahead with each shopping trip. I’m helped along by the fact that I’ve lived most of my life without trying anything and by my lovely food-savvy coworkers who bring me offerings like this. Although sometimes when I look at what they bring — like this stuff — it’s hard to say thank you!

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